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Dawson Ranch HOA
Event Calendar

Annual Tree and Limb Pick-up
Tuesday, February 21st to Thursday, February 23rd at Dawson Ranch
Dawson Ranch Annual Tree and Limb Pick-up
February 21-23, 2023
Members of the HOA are already aware that your HOA views fire as the biggest risk to not only Dawson Ranch but the entire area. The Fire District did a major study in 2013 and concluded that most of the area was not defensible. Many actions have been taken since then to improve the situation, but the area is still at very high risk. Beetles, drought, and increasingly erratic weather conditions exacerbate this problem.
In the past, many of you have been active participants in the fire mitigation tree and limb pick-up program. We are sending this announcement to let members know that we are again offering the opportunity to participate in the event, which is scheduled for Feb. 21-23, 2023. Removing dead and dying trees helps not only with fire risk but also addresses the spreading of pine diseases and/or pine beetle infestations.
You will receive an email the first week of December from dawsonhoa@gmail.com with instructions for registration and participation.
All non-member residents will be receiving a mailed invitation to join the HOA to be eligible for participation in the program. We are asking for your help in talking to and encouraging any and all of your neighbors who are not currently members to join this important effort and support fire mitigation.
Thank You for being a member of the HOA!
Your HOA Board