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Dawson Ranch HOA
Dawson Ranch Trails

Goal of Trail Improvement Project
Improve the existing trails in Dawson Ranch so that they are: sustainable, safe to use, and add value to the entire area.  Ultimately, we will likely extend the trail system.
Project Status (as of July 10, 2019)
The Improvement Project is complete.  All trails have been repaired consistent with the Trail Design Standard and they are sustainable. No trails encroach on private property.  Trail Stewards will monitor the trails and determine when to conduct a Maintenance Work Day. The next workday is scheduled for Saturday April 18, 2020.
Trail Map link (as of April 20, 2019)
Fun  trail video link   (thanks to Ashley Smith's son)
  1. Trail Stewards - one resident per trail section to review and take ownership for the quality of each section. Issues to be relayed to the Trails Subcommittee Chair for action.
  2. Trail Hands - residents improve and maintain the trails on the third Saturday per month starting at 9:00 AM (Trail Work Saturday). Meet at Greenhorn Dr. & Tanner Pkwy. Contact: Mike Gromowski  (463Greenhorn@gmail.com)
Contributors to the Trail Improvement project
Trail Work Saturday, Sept 15, 2018:  Slideshow
Trail Work Day, Saturday July 21, 2018:  slideshow
Trail Work Day, Saturday June 16, 2018  slideshow
Trail Work Day, Saturday May 19, 2018 slideshow
Trail work done in March, 2018  slideshow
Trail work done in February, 2018:  slideshow
Trail Work Day, Saturday January 20, 2018: slideshow
Trail Work Day, Saturday December 16:  slideshow
Trail Work Day, Saturday November 18:  Slideshow  Video
Trail Work between January 17 and 19th, 2019:  Video
Trail Work Day, Saturday April 20, 2019 slideshow
Next Events:
The next maintenance work day is scheduled for Saturday September 19, 2020. 
                                                     - see link for Trail Hand terminology and  work
 see link to Trail Sign Design
Approach – City and Residents Partnership
Cost and work/labor were shared between Canon City, Dawson Ranch HOA, and other Residents. Residents clear the paths (weeds, rocks), repair tread surface, and monitor the quality of the trails (see link above to Trail Hand terminology).
Sample pictures of original trail status here