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Dawson Ranch HOA
Zephyr Minerals

This page contains information posted by the HOA Board that pertains to current mining activities. 
The current activities are being conducted by: They are a publicly traded Canadian based company known in the mining industry as an “Exploration Company” which conducts very early stage geologic and exploration activities on mineral properties. They hope to enhance the value of their stock prices and/or transfer/sell the property to a larger mining company to advance further development and possibly feasible production. These kind of ventures are highly speculative.
On August 13, 2018 the HOA Board adopted a position of "closely monitoring" mining activities in the area.  At the Board's February 06, 2020 meeting the Board decided to conduct a survey of all Dawson Ranch property owners.  The results of that survey were tallied, analyzed and a summary of the survey results was written April thru May 13, 2020.  
Read the the survey results here.
In the HOA survey, 86% of 268 respondents are opposed to mining activities in the area. Based on the survey results, the HOA must change its position to align with property owners from monitoring to one of acting in opposition to any form of mining activity.  We will redraft our position statement, and we will work with citizens of subdivision, the community, governmental units, and other entities to stop mining-related activities in this area
Current HOA Board Position:
Accepted by HOA Board September 2, 2020
The HOA Board has proactively monitored the Dawson mining operation conducted by Zephyr Minerals over the past several years. During this research we engaged with various resources including the City Council, Zephyr Minerals, Bureau of Land Management, Royal Gorge Preservation Project, County Commissioners, Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety and other legal and mining groups. Our research has shown minimal upside and significant downside to the possible Zephyr Mine and the activities surrounding it.

The Dawson Ranch HOA sent out a survey to all Dawson Ranch property owners to address the owners concerns with the potential mining activity. The survey showed 86% of the 280 property owners who responded, opposed Zephyr.

Based on our analysis and the survey, the HOA Board is officially changing their stance from monitoring Zephyr Minerals mining activity to being aggressively opposed. We will work with citizens of the subdivision, the community, governmental units, and other entities to stop mining-related activities in this area.