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Dawson Ranch HOA
Become a Member

As most of you are aware, Dawson Ranch homeowners are not required to be members of the HOA. This obviously has advantages and disadvantages. However, the Association has proven to be responsible in its stewardship, has been vigilant in protecting the integrity of the neighborhood, provides useful communications to its members and stimulates social activity within the community.

There are now two ways you can join:
  1.  Via email and online payment of the $100.
  2.  Via US Mail.
To join electronically (paperless):  The  form linked below tells you what contact data is required. Just send the contact data back to the dawsonhoa@gmail.com email address and we'll send you a link for online payment. 
To join via US Mail:  fill out the  form linked below, a $100 check, and mail both to  Dawson HOA, PO Box 1060, Canon City  CO 81215. 

If you would like to be involved in your community, click here for a link to our Membership Application.

Some advantages of membership are listed below.

Membership dues amount is subject to change by the membership at the annual meeting.

  • Protect the value of your property and home. 
  • Have a voice in what happens in your community. 
  • Determine the amount and uses for your association dues. 
  • Form a collective point of view for dealing with city or county issues that may arise. 
  • Attend member-only meetings and vote on dues, board members, etc. 
  • Get to know your neighbors.........have some fun!

Once you become a member, to register for full website access, click here

Please allow at least 15 days from the date of submitting dues to the HOA before returning to the website to request access to the Members Only section of the website.  The Members Only section contains minutes of the board meetings, financial information and the member directory.