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Dawson Ranch HOA


Chair – David Mallory
To conduct a year-end report out on the financial health of the organization to ensure that HOA financial records are maintained in accordance with general accounting standards, as they pertain to HOA's, and that HOA monies are kept and disbursed with these same standards.
Compliance Review:
Approving Authority Members
To be thoroughly familiar with all provisions of the Dawson Ranch covenants and to recommend to the Board of Directors for resolution, violations that are sufficiently severe so as to depreciate the spirit and intent of the covenants and which would, if left uncorrected, depreciate the overall quality of the Dawson subdivision. As requested, the Approving Authority Members will review resident complaints/grievances and will endeavor to bring the complaint/grievance to an amicable solution between aggrieved parties. In the absence of a solution, the complaint/grievance will be brought to the Board of Directors, along with recommendation(s) for resolution, through Board action.
Chair – Jim Windham
To recommend to the Board those activities deemed appropriate to increase/ retain HOA membership annually.  Following Board approval, lead the actions necessary to assure completion of these recommendations.  Coordinate membership efforts with both the Welcoming Committee.  As needed,  request. Board involvement and the assistance of others.
Safety and Security:
Chair - Mark Alumbaugh
To address safety and security issues that affect, or have the potential to affect, the residents of Dawson Ranch within the confines of the subdivision or, by extension, outside the subdivision. Primary concerns will address crime and its prevention; health hazards; public safety, esp. as it pertains to vehicular safety and road hazards; and such other matters of safety and security that might come before the committee. The focus will be on preventive measures to the extent possible. As needed, the chair will coordinate actions with the Compliance Review chair.
Web Site:
Chair - Eve Nagode
To establish and maintain a web site that represents homeowner activities within the Dawson Ranch community. Functions include publish and maintain records that are pertinent to the running of the HOA, keep the residents and general public aware of Dawson HOA activities, maintain HOA membership records, advise residents of items of general interest as they occur and to maintain the currency and quality of items that appear on the web site. Additionally, the web site chair will ensure that all technical aspects of maintaining a web site are attended to.
Chair – Gale Roberts
To remain apprised of any and all new residents to the Dawson community, and to meet and greet these residents in a timely manner, with a view towards encouraging their membership in the HOA. The committee will also coordinate their activities with the efforts of the Membership chair.