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Updated Guide Helps Homeowners Prepare Property for Wildfire
Posted on May 16th, 2021
More than half of all Coloradans live in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), where homes and other structures meet wildland vegetation, and are at some risk of being affected by wildfire. An updated guide from the Colorado State Forest Service can help these residents prepare their home and property for wildfire with practical steps and guidance. 
Keep Wildlife Safe
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2021
From Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Spring can be a particularly sensitive time for wildlife since many species are nesting, having their young or coming out of hibernation. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) recommends people give young wildlife space and do not feed or remove young animals from their natural habitat. 
Dawson Ranch Clarification of Covenants
Posted on Mar 8th, 2021
The purpose of this post is to clarify/remind owners of the covenant enforcement in Dawson Ranch.
The covenants and the Approving Authority are NOT related to the HOA with the exception of the members of the HOA vote on the individuals who make up the AA. Therefore, if you want to be able to vote on who is a member of the AA, or become a member of the AA, you must be a member of the HOA. That’s how the members of the AA are determined; they are elected by the homeowners that choose to become members of the HOA.
The covenants apply to ALL property owners in Dawson Ranch. Membership in the HOA has nothing to do with adherence to the covenants. All property owners are required to comply with the covenants. To change the covenants requires 75% of all property owners voting yes all changes. The covenants have not been changed since they were created about 20 years ago.
2019-2020 HOA Annual Presentation
Posted on Sep 17th, 2020
There is nothing ordinary about 2020. The HOA Board would love to meet with members and have a normal annual meeting. However, 2020 and COVID-19 render that to be undesirable exposure. So, we hope that the following presentation provides you with a recap of 2019-2020 activities and results. The presentation now INCLUDES election results (as of Sept 26, 2020) slides 31 and 34.  The YouTube video link will provide the most efficient method of review (<4 minutes). Election results start at about 3 minutes and 25 seconds into the video. 
We hope you get value from the presentation and the accomplishments of 2019-2020. 
Your HOA Board
Radon Mitigation
Posted on Apr 13th, 2019
Per the April 4, 2019 radon meeting and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the state of Colorado has areas of high levels of radon as shown on this map: Colorado Map of Radon Zones
Because of the large preponderance of granite and that is where radon emanates, your health could be affected. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in nonsmoking adults. 
There is an excellent testing lab in Colorado Springs run by Jim Burkhart. He will provide you the test kit and do the evaluation for $30. He is also willing to provide a few names of certified companies that do a good job of mitigation. Mitigation normally runs around $2,000. Jim's info is below:
Radon Measurements Lab
1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
If you prefer to obtain a list of certified mitigation companies from an independent source, you can go to website: aarst-nrpp.com/wp/certification/database-search/
Dawson Ranch HOA