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Dawson Ranch HOA

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Watch out for bears!
Posted on Apr 15th, 2022
Watch out for bears! 
Please keep your trash where bears can't access it. Please put out trash cans on the morning of the pickup day and not the night before. Leaving trash cans out overnight attracts bears. They will tip over containers, open them (bungee cords are no protection), and spread trash everywhere. Do you want your neighbors to know your food preferences, hygienic habits, and correspondence because they had to pick up your trash?
Also, don't leave food outside. An aggressive bear that attacked a hiker near Aspen on Memorial Day in 2019 was killed by wildlife officers. The bear's stomach was full of birdseed. The officers say the bear likely lost its natural fear of people by eating from backyard bird feeders. If you care about bears, put away the ground level bird feeders until the winter. There is plenty of natural food for the birds during the summer. 
Dawson Ranch HOA
Concern for Native Trees
Posted on Oct 7th, 2021
One of our long-time, valued neighbors wrote the attached document which describes infestation of our native trees.
PLEASE take about 5 minutes to read the attached 2 1/2 page document!!
It explains how to know if a Pinyon Pine is infected, how to help protect them, and what to do if you have to cut one (or more) down.
Many thanks go out to the Neighbor who took the time to create this helpful document!!!
SEPTEMBER 2021 HOA Annual Presentation
Posted on Sep 28th, 2021
The following presentation provides you with a recap of 2020-2021 activities and results. 
We hope you get value from the presentation and the accomplishments of 2020-2021 plus plans for 2021-2022. 
Your HOA Board
Radon Mitigation
Posted on Apr 13th, 2019
Per the April 4, 2019 radon meeting and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the state of Colorado has areas of high levels of radon as shown on this map: Colorado Map of Radon Zones
Because of the large preponderance of granite and that is where radon emanates, your health could be affected. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in nonsmoking adults. 
There is an excellent testing lab in Colorado Springs run by Jim Burkhart. He will provide you the test kit and do the evaluation for $30. He is also willing to provide a few names of certified companies that do a good job of mitigation. Mitigation normally runs around $2,000. Jim's info is below:
Radon Measurements Lab
1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
If you prefer to obtain a list of certified mitigation companies from an independent source, you can go to website: aarst-nrpp.com/wp/certification/database-search/
Dawson Ranch HOA