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Dawson Ranch HOA

New Recycling Options
Posted on Jan 25th, 2011

Good news, folks, there are new options for recycling in Canon City. Loaves and Fishes has teamed up with Upper Arkansas Recycling of Canon City to provide the service.
The program works like this:
 Purchase a large bag at for $3. The bags can be purchased during regular working hours at Loaves and Fishes, 241 Justice Center Road, and Council of Governments, 3224 Independence Road. $1 of the price of each bag goes to Loaves and Fishes.
 Fill the bag with recyclables. Don’t overfill the bag; you have to be able to completely close the bag. If there are recyclables sticking out the top, they cannot accept your bag.
 Return the stuffed, closed bag on a Wednesday, between 9a and 3p, starting on February 9th, to Loaves and Fishes-(300 Justice Center Road).
The bag may contain (No sorting required! Can be in one bag!):
 Plastic numbered one through seven, except Styrofoam-Plastic must have a number
 Fiber board or paper board (cereal boxes and the like)
 Books
 Magazines and catalogs
 Office paper like mail, envelopes, etc.
The bag may not contain:
 Styrofoam
 Hazardous Materials
 Electronics
 Anything that the local recycling drop-off site already handles, namely newspaper, aluminum and tin cans, and any color glass, bottle or jar. Keep taking these items to your regular recycling spot.
If you have questions about this new program, please call Beth Lenz at 275-1675 extension 119.