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Dawson Ranch HOA

Keep Wildlife Safe
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2021

Spring can be a particularly sensitive time for wildlife since many species are nesting, having their young or coming out of hibernation. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) recommends people give young wildlife space and do not feed or remove young animals from their natural habitat. 
“Wild animals have complex digestive systems and some human food is toxic to animals,” said Karen Fox, CPW wildlife pathologist. “Last year, we saw an increase in reports of people feeding animals by their homes and the animals becoming sick or aggressive. We want to remind people that under Colorado law, feeding wildlife is illegal because it puts an animal’s health and safety in danger.” 
What to Do
If you find young wildlife, enjoy a quick glimpse, leave the animal where it is, and keep pets out of the area. Quietly observe the animal from a distance using binoculars and don't hover so close that the wild parents are afraid to return to the area.
If 24 hours go by and the parent does not return, it is possible the newborn was abandoned or the parent is dead (hit by a car, for example).
Do not move the animal.
Concerned citizens are encouraged to call the CPW Denver Headquarters at 303-297-1192, or the local CPW office @719-269-0656 if they suspect an animal is injured or abandoned, or to report incidents of feeding or other illegal wildlife activity.
More information about young wildlife is available at: http://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/LivingwithWildlifeSpring.aspx