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Dawson Ranch HOA

Updated Guide Helps Homeowners Prepare Property for Wildfire
Posted on May 16th, 2021

The guide informs homeowners on how to address the home ignition zone, or the structure and the area around it. Wildfires play a natural role in Colorado’s environment and residents can increase the likelihood their home survives a fire by minimizing the ability for it to ignite, in part by reducing nearby fuels.
The Home Ignition Zone offers updated guidance on how residents can prepare their home for wildfire and is produced by the CSFS, which is the lead state agency on providing wildfire mitigation assistance to residents. The guide includes an overview of wildfire mitigation concepts, info on wildfire risk in Colorado and easy-to-follow steps and checklists to address vulnerabilities with the home and reduce fuels to create defensible space.
Coloradans are encouraged to review the guide and work to reduce their wildfire risk. As the guide states, “Firefighters always do their best to protect residents, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to protect your property and investments from wildfire.” The guide also can be a valuable resource for homeowners associations, fire departments, insurance agents, local governments and others who work with residents and communities to reduce their wildfire risk.
More information about wildfire mitigation also is available at csfs.colostate.edu/wildfire-mitigation.